Accounting outsourcing

Usually the work of the company «V&A Financial Solutions» starts with a detailed analysis of the needs, goals, systems and corporate culture of its clients, as well as with assessing their tax risks.

Within accounting outsourcing V&A Financial Solutions provides its clients with the following services:

  • Organizing of accounting in the company and advising on accounting methodology in accordance with current legislation.

  • Developing of local accounting policy and adaptation of the company's corporate accounting policy to the requirements of current legislation.

  • Advising on the effectiveness of the tax / finance department in the company (analysis of the structure, management processes, roles, responsibilities, numbers and qualifications of the staff.

  • Accounting and reporting services.

  • Preparing of managerial reports.

  • Preparing and analyzing of tax reporting.

  • Advising on financial and tax accounting.

  • Recovering of lost data of accounting or tax accounting.

  • Supporting during the implementation of software for automating accounting and other automated management systems of internal processes of the company.

  • Assisting and consulting support during tax audits.

  • Payroll and making reporting.

  • Staff administering (including assessment of the level of qualification of staff of accounting / finance department).

  • Validating of payroll accruing and maintenance of staff accounting.