Financial advisory

Usually mid-cap companies have no internal corporate finance department. This leads to delays in execution of the tasks set by the management of the company, and increases the risk of making incorrect administrative decisions.

The company «V&A Financial Solutions» is ready to provide its clients with services of external consultant in corporate finance: preparation of business plans and presentations, financial models and financial analysis.

Pre-Private Placement Advisory

To attract a strategic or financial investor, a company must meet a number of requirements.

As an advisor to the company that seeks to attract a strategic or financial investor, «V&A Financial Solutions» offers the following services:

  • advice on corporate restructuring of the company;

  • financial analysis of the company;

  • development of an action plan to enhance business transparency, improve corporate governance;

  • development of medium- and long-term strategy to involve a strategic investor;

  • preparation of long-term financial model;

  • identification of target strategic or financial investors;

  • preparation of information memorandum for distribution to potential investors;

  • organization of a tender among interested investors;

  • analysis of proposals from potential investors, preparation of a term sheet and  exclusivity  agreements with an acceptable investor;

  • organization of financial and legal due diligence of the company;

  • negotiations  on the transaction structure;

  • preparation of sale-purchase agreement;

  • organization of settlements, and closing of transaction.

Pre-IPO Advisory

If companies choose an initial public offering (IPO) as an option for a source of funding, they have a lot of questions that need answers from qualified professionals. To address these issues, it is necessary to involve an experienced independent advisor.

«V&A Financial Solutions» has a good partnership with investment banks and leading investment bankers, acting as an independent consultant, is ready to provide the following services for preparation for the IPO:

  • development of optimal corporate structure;

  • organization of a tender among investment banks;

  • determination of potential investors;

  • coordination of work with auditors, lawyers;

  • participation in the preparation of documents for the offering, including information memorandum.


In restructuring projects, main goal of «V&A Financial Solutions» is to help companies to get out of difficult financial situation. Possibility to exit out of the crisis and negotiate with creditors appears only if the company takes a proactive position on restructuring its debt. The management of the company on its own often fails to develop and implement a plan to resolve its financial obligations. Sometimes, in the event that negotiations with creditors stalled, the company needs an independent consultant who can act as arbitrator.

Within restructuring «V&A Financial Solutions» provides the following services to its clients:

  • negotiations regarding a number of issues related to change the existing terms of borrowing due to violation of the terms of financing or receiving of new loans for emerge from the crisis;

  • coordination of interaction between borrowers, creditors and board of directors;

  • attract funding from financial investors to refinance debt and further business development.