Mergers and Acquisitions

«V&A Financial Solutions»  covers the full list of advisory services in M&A transactions: advice on sale, purchase, and mergers and acquisition of companies.

Mergers and Acquisitions of companies

Usually M&A projects cannot be completed by a single company alone.

In the process of organizing M&A, «V&A Financial Solutions» would help both parties of the transaction to solve the main tasks:

  • coordinate a development strategy of the combined company  and estimate of  potential synergies of the transaction;

  • evaluate the merging companies to determine the share / parts conversion rate;

  • determine the structure of the transaction: a merger could be structured as a merger or an accession.

Purchase of companies

One possible way for business development could be realized by means of purchasing one or more companies. Development of own business by purchasing of other companies might form the basis for the growth of capitalization of the acquiring company.  

Based on our own experience, analysis of different sectors of the economy, and in cooperation with different market experts, we prepare a «short-list» of target companies for our clients.

As soon as the list of companies is finalized with investor, we start the process of confidential negotiations with the owners of companies. At the same time we conduct comprehensive assessment of these companies by analyzing financial and commercial advantages of their business that can be received after finishing of the transaction. 

After determining the most interesting target company for the investor, we enter into exclusive negotiations with the target company, and coordinate the transaction until its legal registration. We also provide our client with assistance in organizing and carrying out «due diligence».

Sales of companies

The specialists of «V&A Financial Solutions», thanks to the accumulated experience of such transactions and specific industry knowledge of the client, can provide weighted assessments of business for owner that will allow him/her to evaluate all possible and strategic alternatives. This will allow successfully implementation of the transaction in terms of value and conditions of sale.

We try to properly position the company to potential buyers and create optimal conditions for competition between them.